My name is Manuel Kanza – international Kuduro and Afro house instructor. I have done research on Kuduro and Afro house for 4 years. Travelled Europe, North America and South America teaching and giving theory lessons about History of Angola kuduro dance and how afro house began. I and founders of Kuduro and Afro house in Angola decided to produce  Teacher training online course under my Company Inspiradanza to provide techniques for future instructors. It doesn’t matter where you are from to apply for the course, you will get a Certificate at the end of all lessons.

I came across Manuel Kanza Afro House dancing in 2015 on YouTube.  I wanted to get back into the African Culture so I ended up going around on YouTube watching Afro Beat & Afro House. Out of all the dancing I saw ,his captured my eyes the most. Since then I have bought one of his courses in 2016, unfortunate I have a hard time learning because I always end up getting caught up in siting  and admiring his dancing. I going to need to take a dance class with him in person to make sure I do more learning that watching. Lol. I look forward to that & I will write a testimonial about that too.

Jemond Patterson